Experienced Trainer - Chris Banke

October 25, 2016
After gaining over thirty years of training experience, Chris Banke is capable of working at all levels or training increments. He is able to assess a canine’s current level of abilities and help improve those abilities using his years of knowledge and practical experience. He also works as an independent trainer for the motion picture industry in addition to working for pet people as well. His own dog, “Dino von der Maineiche”, received the second highest Schutzhund/IPO III in the United States with a trial score of 297. And in 2008, Chris Banke and Dino were in the Oscar nominated movie Frozen River, directed by Courtney Hunt.
Chris Banke is a dog trainer that can help you get the results you are looking for. Ever since he was a teenager, Chris Banke has had a passion for training German Shepherd Dogs. Since starting his training company at the age of 19, Chris Banke has worked hard to always be improving his skills.